First-Quarter Donations 2021

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Since July 4, 2019, Room 209 Gaming has been donating all proceeds from book sales to the ACLU and RAICES. With the new political administration in the United States stepping immigrant detention centers back from concentration camp territory, we changed our donations policy going forward at the end of February 2021.

This quarter saw the typical post-launch sales dip, down to:

  • 1 Copy of Wear and Tear
  • 12 Copies of Forthright Open Roleplay
  • 2 Copies of Home of Lost Hope
  • 13 Copies of Forthright Toolbox

As a result, we have been able to make a final donation of $120 each to the ACLU and RAICES, bringing our total donations to:

  • $820 to the ACLU
  • $820 to RAICES

Thank you to everyone who helped make these donations possible!