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Patrons of Room 209 Gaming get access to game philosophy and design discussions with the designers and have the first opportunity to impact and playtest Forthright Open Roleplay 2nd Edition, currently in development. Join the conversation today!

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Some of the content released through the Patreon:

  • Arcanomicon (Magic Supplement)
  • Class Acts (Class Design Supplement)
  • Clockwork Omniverse (Toy World)
  • Fight On! (Combat Supplement)
  • In Her Majesty’s Semi-Secret Service (Toy World)
  • Sans Continuity (Episodic Story Supplement)
  • The Shattered Isles (Toy World)
  • Space Crawls (Complete FOR Campaign)
  • Zero Point (Complete Game)
Forthright Open Roleplay Cover

Forthright Open Roleplay

This ENnie-nominated universal roleplaying system includes tools to help set game expectations up-front, blend genres smoothly and simply, and provide fast action resolution through on-the-die results.

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Forthright Toolbox

The long-awaited expansion to Forthright Open Roleplay is coming with hundreds of new Boosts, dozens of new rules options, and genre advice to help you assemble it all into the perfect game for your group!

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Home of Lost Hope

This horror-themed adventure takes its heroes into a weird, ever-changing old house. The haunts within, trapped at the edge of hell, each have their own misery to impart.

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Wear and Tear

When gear and treasure is abandoned or damaged, it doesn’t always work the same way and likely needs repair. These short, system-agnostic rules can be used with any game.

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