Year-End Donations

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Since July 4 of this year, Room 209 Gaming has been donating all proceeds to the ACLU and RAICES. We also submitted Forthright Open Roleplay for a DTRPG Deal of the Day, which hit (somewhat controversially) on September 11. Nevertheless, it was the most successful Deal of the Day Room 209 Gaming had yet, seeing more sales on that day than the previous year. We are pleased to say that our sales in the back half of 2019 were:

  • 179 copies of Forthright Open Roleplay
  • 12 copies of Home of Lost Hope
  • 9 copies of Wear and Tear

And, for the first time ever, the number of people buying the Forthright Core Rulebook outnumbered the number of people downloading it for free. We’re tremendously proud and happy about this here at Room 209 Gaming, and as a result of these sales we’ve been able to donate the following:

  • $486.55 to the ACLU
  • $128.44 to RAICES

We continue to be committed to raising money for these causes into 2020 and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has supported the need to close the border camps and reunite the families torn apart by the cruel lack of compassion demonstrated by US immigration policy.