Mid-Year Donations

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Since July 4 of last year, Room 209 Gaming has been donating all proceeds to the ACLU and RAICES. We also included Forthright Open Roleplay in the Black Lives Matter DTRPG Bundle, for which all proceeds went to support the Black Lives Matter charity. During the past six months, which have seen the world upended by pandemic, police brutality, and a collapse of leadership in the United States, we have (unsurprisingly) seen our sales drop significantly, to:

  • 9 copies of Forthright Open Roleplay
  • 5 copies of Home of Lost Hope
  • 4 copies of Wear and Tear

Additionally, Forthright Open Roleplay sold 3040 copies as part of the Black Lives Matter bundle, and the Creative Commons version was downloaded an additional 158 times. We’re grateful for everyone who participated in the BLM bundle (fellow creators and customers alike!), and for everyone who’s purchased copies of our books. As a result of these sales we’ve been able to donate $100 to RAICES, bringing our total donations to:

  • $486.55 to the ACLU
  • $228.44 to RAICES

We continue to be committed to raising money for these causes until there are no more people incarcerated indefinitely in ICE detention camps and no more children torn away from their families by white supremacists pretending to be patriots.