Year-End Donations 2020

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Since July 4, 2019, Room 209 Gaming has been donating all proceeds to the ACLU and RAICES. During the past 6 months, while the leadership of the United States repeatedly demonstrated its lack of concern for the lives of its constituency, the rule of law, and the democracy itself, we finished and published the Forthright Toolkit. This helped reinvigorate sales across our entire product line, to:

  • 5 Copies of Wear and Tear
  • 32 Copies of Forthright Open Roleplay
  • 6 Copies of Home of Lost Hope
  • 27 Copies of Forthright Toolbox

As a result, this has been the most successful quarter for Room 209 Gaming since Q1 2018. We are profoundly grateful for everyone who’s purchased copies of our books and, in turn, helped us support the end of the abominable practices of indefinite immigrant detention and immigrant family separation in the United States. As a result of these sales we’ve been able to donate an additional $665, bringing our total donations to:

  • $700 to the ACLU
  • $700 to RAICES

We sincerely hope that the incoming administration ends these monstrous practices immediately. We will continue to donate biannually until they do.